Reception places – September 2018
Reception places will be offered, via the local authorities, on 16th April 2018. Parents of children who cannot be offered a place, due to there being more preferences made than there are places available, can ask to remain on a waiting list.

The local authority process the applications & appeals for this Academy. Details of the appeals process, including the timetable, can be found at: 

You can make a formal appeal to an independent appeal panel, for any school that you have applied for. This is a legal process and places are not 'reserved' for appeal panels to offer. The Government has set a limit on the size of infant classes and this means that no Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 class can have more than 30 children with one teacher.

If your child has been refused a place because there are already 30 children in the class, your appeal could only be successful if we have made a mistake or acted totally unreasonably. Only 1 in 5 appeals for Reception are successful because of the infant class size law. You can get more information and appeal forms from the local authority Admissions Team

Telephone: 01274 439200
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