We have various activities that support our parents to be more active in their children's development.

Early Years:

Thursdays:  Stay and Learn session every week from 8.45-9.30am, in classes
Fridays:  Celebration assembly for EY from 3pm, in the hall



Each child is given a planner at the beginning of the year.  This will have details of their timetable for the week and is used to record reading and spellings, there iare pages at the back to support the learning of children .  It provides parents with the opportunity to write notes to the teacher and to find out how they their child is doing each week.  Children must bring their planners each day, lost planners will cost £5 to replace.

Open Events

Within each term we invite parents to join in with a lesson with their children, the focus of the open event changes each term.  So that over the course of the year you get a chance to see the kinds of learning that your child does every day and to help you to understand the expectations of their year group.

Parents Evenings

Parents Evenings are held twice a year, usually in November and March.  We hold these from 1-6pm, with a designated day for each year group.  For those unable to attend at these times, we are happy to meet with you at a time more convenient for you.


Our reports provide information about children's learning attitude, where they are in relation to core subjects and details about their attendance.  We have been adjusting our reports each year based on feedback from parents.  This year we sent out a report in January and July, we will be consulting with parents in September to identify if any further changes are needed.

Assemblies and Information Meetings

We have regular class assemblies which parents are invited to and we hold information meetings throughout the year to ensure parents have a good understanding of what is happening within school.