Recent Letters

11.6.18 Y6 Flamingo Land (PDF)
11.6.18 Y4 London Letter (PDF)
8.6.18 Y2 Scarborough (PDF)
7.6.18 Summer Updates (PDF)
25.5.18 Y4 Trip Cartwright Hall (PDF)
22.5.18 GDPR Letter To Parents (PDF)
15.5.18 Y3 Cannon Hall Farm Trip (PDF)
15.5.18 Y5 London Residential (PDF)
3.5.18 KS1 SATs (PDF)
3.5.18 Updates (PDF)
23.4.18 Y5 & 6 Ramadan (PDF)
27.3.18 End Of Term Letter (PDF)
16.03.18 Sports Relief letter (PDF)
27.2.18 Y6 SATs (PDF)
27.2.18 World Book Day (PDF)
21.2.18 Y2 trip to Skipton Castle (PDF)
8.2.18 Parents Update (PDF)
7.2.18 Reception trip St Ives (PDF)
2.2.18 Y6 online bullying meeting (PDF)
1.2.18 Y3 Nepal swimming (PDF)
29.1.18 UKS2 Parents' Evening (PDF)
29.1.18 LKS2 Parents' Evening (PDF)
29.1.18 KS1 Parents' Evening (PDF)
26.1.18 Online Safety (PDF)
26.1.18 KS1 parents letter (PDF)
23.1.18 Y5 trip to Cartwright Hall (PDF)
23.1.18 Y1 Phonics Test (PDF)
8.1.18 Parents update (PDF)
5.1.18 Y3 Road Safety Training (PDF)
19.12.17 End of term update (PDF)
13.12.17 Y4 trip Bagshaw Museum (PDF)
12.12.17 End of term updates (PDF)
11.12.17 Y5/6 After school clubs (PDF)
11.12.17 Y3/4 After school clubs (PDF)
11.12.17 Y1/2 After school clubs (PDF)
11.12.17 Y3 China change of teacher (PDF)
4.12.17 School Inspections Guide for parents (PDF)
4.12.17 Ofsted letter for parents (PDF)
6.11.17 Parents' meeting Ingleborough trip (PDF)
1.11.17 Y3 visit Media Museum (PDF)
1.11.17 Updates for new academic year (PDF)
17.10.17 Y4 trip to York Chocolate Story (PDF)
9.10.17 Parents' Evening UKS2 (PDF)
9.10.17 Parents' Evening LKS2 (PDF)
9.10.17 Parents' Evening Reception (PDF)
9.10.17 After school clubs UKS2 (PDF)
9.10.17 After school clubs LKS1 (PDF)
9.10.17 After school clubs KS1 (PDF)
25.9.17 Harvest charity event (PDF)
18.9.17 Secondary school applications (PDF)
18.9.17 After school clubs UKS2 (PDF)
18.9.17 After school clubs LKS2 (PDF)
18.9.17 After school clubs KS1 (PDF)
15.9.17 Influenza vaccine (PDF)
15.9.16 Year 2 early bird writing (PDF)
15.9.17 Free school meals letter (PDF)
12.9.17 Year 5/6 trip to Ingleborough (PDF)
11.9.17 Year 3 trip to Cliffe Castle Museum (PDF)
11.11.17 Home time pick up (PDF)
11.9.17 Updates for new academic year (PDF)

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