Improvement planning

Academy Improvement Plan 2017-20

Our values (aspiration, collaboration, excellence) drive our priorities:

1.   Leadership and Management

  • Develop effective, autonomous leaders at every level.
  • Utilise research well in order to secure effective strategies to gain outstanding outcomes for children.
  • Work with a range of schools to develop best practice and contribute to improvement.

2.   Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • Maintain pursuit of excellence by further developing effective T&L strategies.
  • Embed a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum that promotes learning at greater depth.

3.   Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

  • Create a positive culture based on strong values and intrinsic motivation.
  • Further develop understanding of keeping safe and healthy living.
  • Build on the successes of deconstructing stereotypes and differences.

4.   Outcomes for children and learners

  • Utilise achievement reviews and analysis of data to maintain a strong focus on pupil progress.
  • By 2020 gaps between progress of key groups is reduced to less than 0.3.
  • By 2020 attain at least 80% combined (RWM) at KS1 and KS2.

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