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The Lord Kalms Bursary

Lord Kalms of Edgware has kindly arranged a bursary to the Trust in the sum of £25,000 per annum for the next 4 years. As the original sponsor of Dixons City Academy in 1990, Lord Kalms has always shown a great interest in the Trust and its academies. The theatre at Dixons City was named after him in recognition of his financial contributions over the years. The bursary is available to both past and current students. Applicants can apply for up to £1,000 (maximum) in any one year. For full details about how to apply, visit the Trust website.

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Our talented Chefs made the most yummy omelettes! #tasty https://t.co/lweJfNvqa6
10:42pm 09.12.2019


5 hours of practice leading to #Excellence in a two minute routine as persistence pays off in Dance https://t.co/oauilE75IR
1:24pm 05.12.2019


We can definitely agree that the children were ACE, everybody gave everything ago and achieved more than they thought would be possible and it was great to see and be part of. ⛰ 🔦 #makingmemories #achieveanything #outdoorlearning @LearningAway @CLOtC https://t.co/h1H7FNzqOx
10:40pm 04.12.2019


The end of Y6 residential, a great big thankyou to our parents for trusting us with your child, the kids for being ACE and all the fabulous staff! Hope you all sleep well tonight 😍 Mrs L https://t.co/0UmhAoR62Y
5:08pm 04.12.2019