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Dixons Manningham Primary

After school clubs

We believe in providing a range of clubs to build on children's interests and provide them with greater opportunity to try something new. We will be providing clubs before and after school from September 2023.

Clubs Offer 1 for 2023-2024

Before School


Y5 & Y6 = Computing

Y1 & Y2 = DodgeballY5 & Y6 = DodgeballY3 & Y4 = ComputingY3 & Y4 = Hockey
After School


Y5 & Y6 = Basketball
Y2 = Forest School
Y3 & Y4 = Multi Skills
Y3 & Y4 = Art
Y5 & Y6 = Cooking
Y3 & Y4 = Cycling

Y3 - Y6 = Computing
Y3 - Y6 = Drama

Y5 & Y6 = Football

Y1 & Y2 = Gymnastics
Y3 & Y4 = Homework
Y5 & Y6 = Homework

No clubs due to
staff training
Y1 & Y2 = Cricket
Y5 & Y6 = Cheerleading

Y5 = Swimming

Most of our clubs are free, the only exception is the cooking club and swimming club where we ask for £1 each week (payable upfront), This buys the ingredients for the cooking club. Children love the club and learn how to make healthy food, which they then take home to share! For swimming this covers one third of the entry costs.

Clubs are booked for a 6 week block, our first set of clubs will begin on Monday 4 September. Parents will be able to book them from 12pm on Friday 1 September. On 16 October we will move into our second offer, these will be bookable after 3pm on Monday 9 October.

In additional to the clubs we offer, we also take part in a range of competitions (both during school time and after school), we believe that competition is good for us. It helps us to manage a range of feelings; anxiety, excitement, elation and even disappointment. Being a good sportsperson is important, it teaches us important life lessons, as such we only represent the school if our attitude is correct!