Each week we have a celebration assembly where we appreciate the hard work or effort of the children, this helps us to build self esteem and to understand the value of excellence.

Every day we have appreciation notices at the end of dinner, this provides the children with the opportunity to say what they are grateful for. It is important for each of us to appreciate the small things in life, as it helps to keep us positive.

At the end of the year we hold appreciations for all of those with good attendance throughout the year (this year we went to Saltaire park in a stretched limousine!). We also made afternoon tea for the cleaners, cooks and lunchtime supervisors to thank them for looking after us all year long.

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Thank you all for a wonderful residental, especially parents for putting thwir trust in us #collaboration
9:07pm 16.11.2018


Long delays on the motorway we will be late back! Likely to be nearer 8pm. Kids enjoying the extra time.
6:49pm 16.11.2018


At Leicester services getting ready for our evening meal. Everyone in high spirits despite the long journey. Great resilience #Excellence
4:33pm 16.11.2018


Reception Italy’s ace student of the week for being an enthusiastic party planner #excellence
3:14pm 16.11.2018