Our Principals are empowered to lead their academies, and they do so primarily in the best interests of their students and their school. They also work in partnership with other Principals for the good of the Group as a whole. They articulate their own culture, values and vision for learning around our shared core principles. We empower our people in every area and at every level of the organisation, and hold them accountable for their outcomes. We develop a strong culture of student leadership in all our academies.

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Eid Mubarak to all celebrating this year, send photos of your day to @dixonsmnp https://t.co/sKO8pPwPrp
3:40pm 23.05.2020


@dixonsmn_pc https://t.co/8SiecBs3kj
10:02pm 20.05.2020


Two of our pupils putting their creative skills to the test. Well done Hamza (car) and Dawud (armour). #ACE https://t.co/sZSKrHuDLb
8:11am 22.05.2020


Mr. Skelton had a go at the drawing tasks. His attempts took a lot longer than the video but he is very proud of them! https://t.co/8V4bzRbhTE https://t.co/9PtMsNimNV
4:12pm 19.05.2020